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2frogs posted this 03 October 2019

I ask this question on another forum and got pro and cons..

Thought I would pick your brains here and hopefully get honest

answers and not guesses like other places..I DO NOT CAST...

A fellow gave me a new box of Hornady swaged bullets for the

44 cal...They tell me they are very uniform in size,weight...

So would they work for deer hunting?  I have been load testing

255 gr KEITH bullets with fair results..After weighing some I was

surprised to see the differences in some..

Anyway aside from possible leading from over pushing the mv.

Do any of you think they would be good for deer hunting at between

10 to maybe 75 yards,,,,44 special or 44 mag...john

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BudHyett posted this 03 October 2019

These swaged bullets are only good for 700 / 900 feet-per-second for accuracy and not leading the barrel.

I've shot these for many years on the range for practice, but never in the field for game.

The load was .6.5 grains of Unique in both .44 Special and .44 Magnum strictly for practice. 

Farm boy from Western Illinois, living in the Magical Pacific Northwest

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45 2.1 posted this 03 October 2019

Most people have leading with soft swagged bullets. Most of the time coating those bullets with one of several tumble lubes (Lee liquid Alox, BLL or other mixes out there) allow shooting at increased velocity without leading problems. The 44's often like Green Dot as a propellant also. 44 Specials with bullets going 950 fps or more kill deer when put in a proper spot.

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SavvyJack posted this 04 October 2019

44-40, Broadside, entered at the shoulder, turned 90 degrees...ran down the spinal cord and lodges in the hind quarter. 65-75 yards. Never took a step


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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 04 October 2019

.... also consider you can buy harder bullets from commercial casters ... they are usually of harder lead, so 1300-1400 is possible without gas checks .... and with big bullets and  a flat nose design, the harder lead still works.  i have had excellent products and service from BadMans bullets ...  as always, the bullet should be a snug fit in the chamber or cylinder throats. 

you can also cheat a little and up the velocity to 1600 for the first few shots.  you need to find your max level though, and carry a cleaning rig with some steel wool.

i have shot about 10,000 commercial bullets and love those hornady swaged when they fit, but for continuous shooting, about 1100 is it ...and remember the fit must be as snug as feeding reliabilty will allow .

i tried more lube, but the fit is the key, the swaged are too sloppy for some of my guns, having to chamber in all customer guns.



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BigMan54 posted this 05 October 2019

I used to shoot the Hornady .38 HBWC over 2.8grs Bullseye in Match brass. Gave me in my old K-38 - 6". 1 hole groups at 25yds. 

Oh to have the young eyes and hands of a 40yr old.

Push their 240gr SWC-HP out of a cut down .44 Blackhawk at 900fps+ and you got a load that will knock a coyote butt over beans 3 times.



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