How Great I Think the CBA-The Fouling Shot-And The Cast Bullet Forum Are

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mashburn posted this 09 May 2019

How I spent all of the years that the CBA has existed and yet not knowing that it existed is beyond me. The day I saw a membership to the CBA for sale on Ebay or Gunbroker one, I can't remember which ,Has in the past few months brought a lot of enjoyment to me. I looked at the last issue of the National Rifleman magazine the other day and there was only two little bittty articles in the whole thing that interested me. Of course it's a good way to keep up with the crazies about firearm legislation, but I do that on my own.  I was so burned out from working on and building rifles for customers that I was losing my interest in firearms. Finally I located  people and a publication that was tuned to the firearm interests that I hve had all of my life. It then took me a few months before I discovered the forum. Man what a relief, I can actually correspond with people who have my interests. Most of my buddies from the past aren't with us anymore.

The only thing wrong with The Fouling Shot Magazine is that it should come out about every two weeks and contain about 1,000 pages. When I receive it, I set down and read every word before I put it down. David Reiss sent me a Speaking Frankly CD and I practically have it memorized. I also have learned a lot from Frank.

I'm going to end this by saying THANK YOU TO CBA and all the people associated with it and the forum members.



David a. Cogburn

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beagle6 posted this 09 May 2019

I totally agree with what Mashburn said.


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Fitzpatrick posted this 09 May 2019

I will second that ,now days I check the forum before I check my e-mails 



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M3 Mitch posted this 09 May 2019

I was luckier than Mashburn and somehow stumbled across the CBA around 1982.  I have been enjoying the Fouling Shot since then, including the brief period where the name of the magazine was changed to "The Cast Bullet" - you can call it "The Moose ####" for all I care, just keep the excellent content.  Frank Marshall and also Paco Kelly were early favorites, I still have in my collection the issue announcing Frank Marshall's passing, what a guy.  As they say, "All men die, but not all men really live" - Frank Marshall really lived. 

This forum is one of my all-time favorites, the only downside is sometimes when I get The Fouling Shot, I have already read some of the content on here. 

As to more content in FS, what can I say, it's up to us, guys.  I need to get off my butt and write up my limited experience shooting cast in original Lugers, both 9mm and 30. 

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BigMan54 posted this 10 May 2019

I found the CBA 3years ago. Sometimes I think I would have given up in despair without your guys knowledge and kind forbearing to listen to a lonely guy, who has NOBODY to talk HandLoading with. 


Long time Caster/Reloader, Getting back into it after almost 10yrs. Life Member NRA 40+yrs, Life S.A.S.S. #375. Does this mean a description of me as a fumble-fingered knuckle-draggin' baboon. I also drool in my sleep. I firmly believe that true happiness is a warm gun. Did I mention how much I HATE auto-correct on this blasted tablet.

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