Hello all, I have decided to take the plunge and start shooting competition in CBA Postal matches this year. I willI be using a bergara B14 308 in production class. Looking forward to talking with all of you that have been shooting in the matches.

Hunters Supply is my company, I will be a sponsor for the CBA matches this year. 

Have your club match director contact email service@hunterssupply.com.  We can send out your club certificate for free bullets. Yes, I know 99% of you cast your own bullets but after 49+ years of being in the commercial casting business, I think my bullets will a pleasant surprise for you to play with. 

If you are in New Mexico or southern Colorado, I would like to hear from you. I am located in north central NM just north of Cuba NM. I have a 100 yard range and a 1200+ yard range If you would like to come out and shoot let me know. 

Looking forward to hearing from all of you. 


1000 yards easy