To help me fund my move to Tennessee, I've decided to let go of some of my rolling block arsenal I have been hoarding for builds and for posterity. I do intend to die with the "most" rolling blocks, so that I win. LOL

This small sale is NOT putting a dent in my stockpile. It will put a dent in my moving expenses.

As for rolling blocks: ( all shipping via FedEx, conus, AK/HI are extra)

Husqvarna model 12 civilian, 16 ga, part octagon, then round, in civilian fashion. Well fit wood, bore is pitted from BP and is a candidate for liner install and conversion to light weight bunny Gun, say 32 cal, etc. the action is excellent, missing correct pin retainer screws on right side of action. Easily made. Else the breach block and hammer are tight and clan and w/o erosion. Great builder platform, it is the most petite action with scalloped action sides and pretty block ears and engraving. Priced at $375 shipped/insured 

Remington patent 1867 (BP original action) 16 ga shotgun, in the white completely, replacement wood, poorly fitted but fresh. Exceptional bore, tight clean breach, no erosion, looks nearly ready for bluing honestly. Either shoot as a 16 ga or use as a donor for an excellent 1864 era correct Remington based bpcr. Uses button retainer, it would be easy to build a nice sporter or bpcr. Priced at $395 shipped and insured.

(2 of these)-Carl Gustafs 8x58, sporter, excellent action, tight, clean, complete and unbuggered. Of course has tool steel block and hammer with indicator. Well fit wood. Typical swede sights (hunting not mil), priced at $400 shipped/insured

(One of these)- Remington patent 1867 rifle, 8x58, nice case remaining, sported as above except using Remington 1864 type pin retainer button and also having upgraded tool steel smokeless block, pins and hammer. Well fit wood. Priced at $425 shipped/insured.


I own a fair arsenal in rolling blocks and have had success in stubbing the barrels on 8mm rifles with great bores for rechambers. I don't try to do anything with bad bores, they are action and stock donors. If thenbore is Monty or excellent, I band saw the barrel at the knoxform, bore the chamber and throat out of stub, thread the stub fine pitch. I then turn the remaining barrel to diameter, thread fine pitch and marry the stub to the internal barrel shank. This telescopes the barrel back into itself, offering both headspace correction if needed, a fresh barrel that lines itself and the ability to chamber for any desired 323 based cartridge like 32/40 or a wildcat or breach seated 8mm cartridge. The remaining external fused pieces are blended on the lathe so that th barrel seam is literally undetectable. The curve doesn't follow the forend inlet perfectly but it's sufficient and not unbecoming. It's my way of not having to spend $400 to install a liner or invest in a deep drill to install a liner myself. Just an option if you DONT want to use 45/90 brass and load the 8x58rd round directly. In DO load 8x58rd and it is pretty easy! Not expensive! As long as starline is still pumping out 45/90 and c&h keep making affordable dies (always in stock), your good to go. It's when Starline is off production and back ordered that you don't want to invest in these rifles.


email me for pictures or PM, I will only send pics of the item you desire, I will not post pics. Please PM an email address is you desire pictures.


Your helping me to fund getting my mill and lathe and heat treat oven to Memphis!