WTB: 22 wcf mold

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corerftech posted this 3 weeks ago

as as well I'd like to find a .228 nominal 22 wcf mold. Again, I know that 225438 and others may drop large enough to work and I can buy a new mold from a current mfgr. I'd prefer an original!


thanks in advance.



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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 3 weeks ago

for the 228 mold, a crutch might be to take a lee bator mold and bore or lap or ream it out to 228-230 as needed .  $26 project, at least it would make a good story ...


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Old Coot posted this 3 weeks ago


For .228 molds go to NOE.  Sweede has a number of them on his web site.  Brodie

I wish that you had pictures of those German Rifles.

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