Hi all,

I have for sale some top punches and H&I Dies for Lyman or RCBS Sizer Lubers that I no longer need since I now powder coat/Hi-Tek all my cast (except BPCR.) Prices are to your door anywhere USPS will take a domestic first class package or flat rate box/envelope. If you buy multiple items, I will consolidate and give you the discount on shipping cost. My preferred method of payment is PayPal Friends & Family, but I'll take Zelle, Apple Pay, or personal check. Everything is in good condition, though might show some staining or light rust spots.

Top Punches:

1. Lyman Top Punch 191. $7.00 TYD.
2. Lyman Top Punch 374. $7.00 TYD.
3. Lyman Top Punch 413. $7.00 TYD.
4. Lyman Top Punch 424. $7.00 TYD.
5. Top Punch SAECO 45-70S (for 021 & 023) $15.00 TYD.
6. Top Punch NOE 310-165-30XCB $5.00 TYD (top is stamped with letter "B").

H&I Dies:

1. H&I Dies 266. $25.00 TYD.
2. H&I Dies 308 (old style). $15.00 TYD.
3. H&I Dies 452 (old style). $15.00 TYD.
4. H&I Dies 459 #1. $20.00 TYD. SOLD to Pepe Ray
5. H&I Dies 459 #2. $20.00 TYD.


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