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reggleston posted this 07 December 2017

Here is a picture of the Barrel Vise I made for the princely sum of $4. Pick up a industrial Pipe clamp of suitable size to fit your BBL action(most are made of a delrin, polypropylene type material that machines easily) , probably wish to go undersize so you can enlarge the hole to fit your particular barrel breech OD. I did mine on a lathe faceplate with a boring bar, should go .015-.030" over Breech diameter to allow for insertion of non marring material like thick cardboard to protect barrel breech portion. In my case I was doing a barrel job for a CZ527 Mini Mauser action chambered in 7.62x39mm. With two 3/8 SHCS I fastened the barrel vise to my bench and proceeded to install the barrel.

Using the go gage I found that there was bolt closure resistance during the last 30-40 degree of closure. Utilized a coated handled diagonal cutter to further tighten the barrel till bolt closure was comfortable with minimal resistance, checking with the go gage again to be sure. Made a witness mark on the barrel and action joint to watch for any slippage in tightness, there has been NONE in over 400 rds fired.

This method and minimal material required should work on any bolt action type of firearm and it certainly beats spending many 100's of dollars to purchase one of the commercial vises on the market.

R D Eggleston

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 07 December 2017

Nice job Robert! 

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