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gnoahhh posted this 10 May 2018

A friend here in Maryland has decided to divest himself of a significant pile of lead he will never use (he's not a caster). Buckets of old WW's, bird shot, and unknown alloys in muffin tin ingots. He started weighing it and ran out of steam- surely well over 700 pounds. Local scrap dealer offered him $.35/pound and he has to haul it there. Before he does that he wants to try selling it to somebody who will use it for bullets, come and take it all, and pay something between $.35 and $.50/pound. I simply don't need any more lead or I would jump on it. If interested, shoot me a PM. Located in central Maryland west of Baltimore. Bring a truck.

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corerftech posted this 11 May 2018

Ill make a suggestion. USPS PM boxes, medium sized. Fill them as able to the brim and then weigh.

They will sell in lot form per box like hotcakes. If it doesn't fit in a Medium box, use a large and keep under 70 lbs.

I know its "work" to have to move the stuff, it may be physically impossible (age, physical issues) but it will be worth it in the pocket and buyers from this forum would have a chance to procure at a significant reduction to roto and the like.


Just a suggestion. Ive sold excess in the amount of 1000 lbs this way and it was modestly lucrative (way beyond scrap) and helpful to MANY.

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Duane Mellenbruch posted this 11 May 2018

I get the impression that corerftech has never shipped odd shaped lead ingots or loose lead shot.  One will spend a lot of time just boxing and weighing the lead.  Then one needs to add packing to prevent the ingots from "hammering" holes in the box to lose in shipping.  Then there is the extra tape to keep the box intact.  If that is not about as much fun as a guy can stand, to fill a box to nearly 70 pounds and then take it from your bench to the car and then from the car into the PO and Lift it up 4-5 feet onto the counter is a chore.  I hate to think of even just a 50 pound box.  That takes two boxes per trip from car to counter.

Dang man, that is a heck of a lot of work and expense.  The tape is 6-7 dollars a roll and it goes quick when you have several boxes.  The friend of the OP has the right idea.  Sell in place if you can, and discount if you must.  Any lost "profit" will be rewarded by little work or pain and the job is done and nothing is lost in the mail. 

Lino, I would consider selling in lots of 50 pounds, but not scrap lead.  But I am no youngster either.


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corerftech posted this 11 May 2018

Duane, your very impressionable I take it. Your impression would be I’ll directed. My youthfulness must somehow be maintained by the vigorous endeavors I and others attempt and succeed at. I have a 65 year old friend who in the last 15 years has sold on the order of 10,000 lbs of Scrap alloys in every form imaginable—— quite successfully and profitably and via US mail. Leave your mind open to forms as every one has been accommodated. But he’s only 65, so he’s maybe much younger, and he’s had 5 way bypass in that period and that probably helps too. Being nearly resurrected from death by major surgery probablybrenewed his zeal to work.

More so it might be his drive to do things that helps him most. He’s not lazy, neither am I. Glass half full, not half empty type people.

The easy routine is to simply call the haul away people and have them take away for free.

I think that might be the best option.

Dump it, easy on back and uses less tape and gas and cardboard. That makes the most sense maybe in this case, don’t you think Duane?

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BigMan54 posted this 11 May 2018

Almost makes me wish I lived in western MARYLAND, ALMOST. But I suffer from an irrational fear of FREAKING HURRICANES!!!!!!

Long time Caster/Reloader, Getting back into it after almost 10yrs. Life Member NRA 40+yrs, Life S.A.S.S. #375. Does this mean a description of me as a fumble-fingered knuckle-draggin' baboon. I also drool in my sleep. I firmly believe that true happiness is a warm gun.

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Duane Mellenbruch posted this 11 May 2018

Well, if you wish to discuss the benefits of hard work, that is fine.  But it would seem to me that I fairly well outlined why an individual would prefer to NOT entertain the extra effort and expense of packing and mailing lead shot and odd shaped pieces of lead.  I do not think I said it would not be possible to put forth the effort for a modest income.  I did suggest that you might have not had that personal experience and since you can state that you and your friend who now is 8 years my junior thrive on hard work, that is certainly the way to go.  But, not for everyone.  Remember your friend started at age 50? which would be equivalent to my doing the same thing 23 years ago. 

I did a lot of things 23 years ago that I no longer do.  It is not really a question of smart, but more a question of desire. 

I suppose the real reason I questioned your experience was your suggestion to fill the box as able to the brim.  My own experience proves to me that would exceed the weight limits of the Flat Rate Box.  The man is going to do as he sees best.  I guess my suggesting that his method might be better for his circumstances than putting more work into the project as you suggest is really moot.  That is why we bullet casters tend to do things our own way.  Be safe and have a good weekend. 

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tlkeizer posted this 11 May 2018


When I was the local postmaster we received 13 flat rate boxes with lead one day, each one 69 1/2 pounds; maximum shipping weight is 70 pounds.  IF you mail, do as the sender did and brings Lots and Lots of tape for the boxes (clear tape), mark the boxes as HEAVY, and add or subtract lead on the scale to get just under the weight limit.  Also, be prepared to have your name taken in vane and your lineage brought under suspicion by the handling personnel.

I am not advocating nor rallying against mailing of lead, just listing my experience.


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Ross Smith posted this 12 May 2018

I'd buy a box or 2 or 3....

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corerftech posted this 12 May 2018

And ross’s Reply is consistent with my assumptions. There is a need, there is a supply. I mentioned it might not be physically possible to process the material in my first post. To not be argumentative and to highlight another post or two’s content—- I can’t/dont. Judge a posters age, weight, physique, shooting prowess or ability to read. That would be rude and improper. I also am learning that the CBA seems to be nearly devoid of folks under 50 it seems and that is the highlight of several recent posts (RE:attrition and lack of subscribership and youthful members) I give the benefit of the doubt to someone asking a question or for input and I DONT consider their age, competence, physical attributes, everyone is equal till THEY specify otherwise. Hence——— my suggestion. I’ve never met a CBA member in the few years I have been here. Never been to a match to see or gauge the stature of others. I know mine, I’m a long shot away from ending hard labor in life. My replies are all based on what CAN be done and not what SHOULD be done, based on my personal experiences and successes ( and of others I know).

It may very well be impossible for the OP to execute my suggestion. The USPS hates me and others for the exploitation but...... that’s business and it’s allowed. I’m an entrepreneur and business owner- thus I see value in all sorts of things, and am willing to work quite hard at times to see fruit produced.

The OP will do what is prudent and equitable for his situation I’m sure and the world can/will survive without his supply of lead being privately distributed for a higher yet modest return.

I appreciate your thoughtful reply Duane and your perspective. Mike

Ross, take another stab at that request. Send a PM. Suggesting that 210 lbs of scrap at ONCE may make the carrier have a conniption fit, if you do strike a deal, most I ever dropped atbone time was 100 lbs in a day (medium FR packed to 50-55 lbs) so that the carriernwoulndt intentionally drop them to break the uninsured parcels ( and that happens per my old neighbor in Garden Grove, 45 year postal worker in the Santa Ana dist center!)

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 12 May 2018

The man told you how the lead was offered. Accept the terms or leave it.

David Reiss - NRA Life Member & PSC Range Member Retired Police Firearms Instructor/Armorer
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- Also deal in: Land, Banjos, Nails, Firearms, Manure, Fly Swatters, Used Cars, Whisky, Racing Forms, Rare Antiquities, Lead, Used Keyboard Keys & Dogs, Pith Helmets & Zulu Headdresses. .

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Ross Smith posted this 13 May 2018

Mr. Gnoahhh: I tried pm ing you but keep getting error message. Hate doing business on the site. Ross

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gnoahhh posted this 14 May 2018

Ross, I was on the road all weekend and unable to log on the site via my smartphone for some dumb reason. If you're interested, feel free to text or call 410 693 9434. The lead is still available and the conditions of sale remain the same: local pick up. Thanks, guys.

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