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jchiggins posted this 12 February 2018

New member to the CBA and the Forum.  Been a reloader for some time; tried cast bullets years ago and concluded solving String Theory issues would be simpler.  Anyhow, giving cast another try, mostly with 30 cal and hopefully 303 British.  Look forward to learning!  In the Oregon City area; member of Tri-County Gun Club.

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onondaga posted this 12 February 2018

Expect your 303 Brit to be easy to get shooting well with cast if you relentlessly follow basics. Size/check your bullets to the largest size that will chamber. Any smaller subtracts accuracy potential. The Lee C312-185-1R is a good start sized/checked at .312. Check for an ink test slide fit on chambering. If they don't chamber, you need a smaller sizing/check. A safe reduced load of 32 gr H4895 at about 2,000 fps should be fine with the Lee bullet cast in BHN15 alloy like #2 or hard ball will match the load level. Simple tumble lube per Lee instructions is more than adequate.

If your 303 is old with a black bore and minor pitting, Try my bore polishing method for a better start:




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MarkinEllensburg posted this 13 February 2018

Welcome jchiggins! Great username. Already like your sense of humor, sunny Oregon!


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RicinYakima posted this 13 February 2018

Are you sure the sun ever shines in Oregon City? I used to go down there and get Lamprey eels from the water falls to use for sturgeon bait in the Columbia in the 1970's. Great town with a nice old time bar downtown for lunch, at least in those days. Welcome, Ric

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frnkeore posted this 13 February 2018

If your interested in match shooting. There are matches in Vancouver, WA, Eugene, OR and Roseburg, OR.

Frank, Central Point, OR

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BudHyett posted this 13 February 2018

Paul Bunyan Club in Puyallup has military matches on the second Saturday starting in March and Kenmore has traditional benchrest matches on the fourth Saturday

The Clark Rifle matches are on a Wednesday, but the third Saturday in each month is a traditional benchrest match at Clark.

Great fun, and we will drive down from the Seattle area once the weather warms up. (I'll not drive 217 miles one-way to shiver while shooting.)

Country boy from Illinois, living in the Magical Pacific Northwest

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