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R. Dupraz posted this 16 February 2018

Has anyone had any experience with the 6mm or 6.5mm -TCU in a  Contender pistol?  Accuracy etc, etc. Jacketed or cast.



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BudHyett posted this 16 February 2018

Not exactly the 6mm TCU, the 6X45. This is the .223 Remington necked up with the the factory shoulder and neck length. The firearm is a custom XP-100 with the action trued, laminated stock, and a lightweight barrel to stay in the Long Range Handgun Weight limit. The barrel is a 1 in 9" twist taken off a custom Model 70. I've shot it with both a Burris 10X Long Eye-Relief scope (hunting) and a Weaver 36X target scope (target). 

Bullets are both cast and jacketed:

Jacketed (for prairie dogs)

  • Berger 68 grain Match
  • Sierra 70 grain match
  • Sierra 95 grain Full Patch
  • Sierra 100 grain SPBT


  • RCBS 243-095-SP
  • Sierra 243-100-FN
  • SAECO 85 grain TPR (actual cast weight 93 grains from this mold)
  • SAECO 105 grain TPR (experimental)
  • Eagan 68 grain TPR
  • All loads were shot of used monotype alloy to gain greater velocity 


  • Jacketed bullets in the range of 90 to 100 grain bullets shot sub-minute when the nut behind the grip did his part. 
  • These were shot at high pressure and velocity for varmint
  • Cast bullets that shot well,are the RCBS 243-095-SP and the SAECO 85 grain TPR bullets up to 2300 fps
  • The cast were shot at lower velocities and run through QuickLoad to estimate velocity
  • Sub-minute groups up to 2100 fps.

The XP-100 is a swap-barrel currently with a .17-.221 Fireball barrel on it. After prairie dog season, I will switch it back and start experimenting with the 6X45 again. 


Farm boy from Western Illinois, living in the Magical Pacific Northwest

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Wineman posted this 19 February 2018

I shot a bucket full of 7 mm TCU back in the 1970's through a contender in IHMSA. Shot great but I could never beat the guys with the 7 mm and 30 cal Merrill's. I don't know how a 6 mm would shoot, but I bet pretty good. BTW I only shot jacketed then.


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R. Dupraz posted this 19 February 2018

Thanks for the replies. 

Thinking about a new barrel for my G-2. for cast. I have never had anything to do with the 6mm or 6.5 mm on a 223 case in the Contender pistol. Endless case supply, easy and simple forming. Sounds like an interesting experiment. Need a new project anyway.

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Wineman posted this 19 February 2018

As long as you cast nice bullets, I don't see any reason to avoid this new project. Sounds like lino or harder though for optimal performance.


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